InkassoBySkandic350 is an integrated solution and goes far beyond the classic debt collection.

So your invoice will be paid.

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Inkasso by Skandic©is today the most efficient and simple way for you as a client to quickly and straightforwardly realise outstanding debts with private individuals and companies in Germany on an extrajudicial and cost neutral basis. The longtime experience shows: nothing is more effective to avoid a payment default than to prevent it to occur. SkandicInkasso accompanies and supports its client from A to Z with the complete provision of services in the debt collection management. It starts with the prevention: already in the forefront Inkasso by Skandic © supports you in identifying the customer’s intention. Hereby it is possible to minimise the default risk through fraudulent actions. Inkasso by Skandic © is also efficient as you can realise your claims with the necessary power.

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The customer does not pay – this means costs and efforts for the creditor. SkandicInkasso realises demands fast, efficiently, transparent and with excellent results…


If a demand shall be realised, it requires contact with the debtor. This is difficult or even impossible when contact data is missing. Only efficient address enquiry can help…


A good riskmanagement begins already by the first contact with the customer. The credit worthiness is the abolute must. Nobody likes to experience bad surprises…

With system for greatest success

If you take use of the whole Inkasso by Skandic © you will meet with the best success: you will normally receive your claims settled within 30 days. Nothing is more important than to receive the payment fast, opportunely and without complications. From its location by Frankfurt, SkandicInkasso offers its debt collection services all over in Germany as well as international collection in the USA, in France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Customized and as needed

SkandicInkasso attaches great importance to the individual handling of your claims. In a personal discussion we coordinate the procedure for collection handling. Adapted to your requirements you can insert tailored individual modules and activities. With the commitment of Inkasso by Skandic © you may be certain to have chosen the very best solutions for your company.