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About SkandicInkasso

SkandicInkasso, based in the Region Frankfurt/Hessen, is active in Debt Collection operations for more than 25 years. We identify ourselves as partner for companies to whom we offer topquality problem-solving through competent experts who. The potential capacity and its evaluation are central in our performance. We stand for a mutual implementation of your intentions.

offer quality solutions to problems

With our Know-how and our tested products and services we provide an success-oriented result. The handling of debt collection files is effected by SkandicInkasso in a fast, efficient and safe way. The client shall now use until now undeveloped potentials and shall shortly reach measurable and calculable improvements of his result. The outcome of the remaining meaningful measures are discussed with the client before he grants the mandate to initiate the compulsary execution. In this way the process and extent of the compulsary execution is always in control of the client.

Setting stand for the whole sector

In a rapidly changing world, SkandicInkasso continues to develop and improve its services. With a long term monitoring of shortfalls in payments and debtors the chances for successful solutions increase. SkandicInkasso sets the standard with its concept. The company was in 2007 awarded the Best Practice IT-Awards for its highly developed IT-system and was since then again several times nominated. The system offers the client a safe around-the-clock access to the updated stand of the handling of any individual case. This IT-system has become an example for other debt collection companies in Germany.