Kundenreferenzen Skandicinkasso

Below is a small selection of many satisfied customers – customer references

Especially in the B2C business, thus dealing with private customers, it is very important to us that our collection partner is on familiar terms with our customers in default. We have rather smaller amounts which are not paid and it is therefore important to find a partner who also works sustainedly with our smaller demands. The product „Collection by Skandic “convinced us and is now a permanent component of our reminders.

Langenscheidt GmbH & CO., Munich
– Mrs. Jutta Käs’s – head of the bookkeeping department

A very mature online system, available in two languages. It enables us to effortlessly create evaluations and reports. The information can be reached quickly, and during e.g. a customer phone call, up-to-date responds can alway be given. The integrated archive system offers the possibility for us to lower our filing efforts, and guarantees quick access to all documents, mail, and invoices. The system is an integral part of our dunning process.

National-Alamo, Wiesbaden
– Frau Christiane Walter – Manager

SkandicInkasso takes care of our overdue receivables in a quick and effective way. Thanks to the easy-to-use information system SkandicOnline, we can always stay updated with the status of our cases. The integrated archive system gives us access to all received correspondence. Upon customer enquiries, we can at any time inform ourselves of the status and respond intelligently. Useful indeed. Since we started using the online system of SkandicInkasso, it is easy for us to stay informed. Every document belonging to each case can be viewed and downloaded in PDF format at any time. The personal contact is not lacking either; there is always a contact person available during office hours. SkandicInkasso convices through great conditions and quick handling.

BWA Europäische Berufs und Wirtschaftsakademie St.Gallen AG
– Frau Ina Rosenthal – Kaufmännische Leiterin

The Medien & Marketing Gruppe in Frankfurt consists of eight companies and business areas in the Media and Marketing environment: Presse Verlagsgesellschaft, Konzept Verlagsgesellschaft, CCS – Content & Community Systems, MultiMediaManufaktur, k/c/e Advertising, k/c/e Eventainment, k/c/e Cards & Clubs, the Genuss-Akademie and EC Partner. The basic idea of the Medien & Marketing Gruppe is the use of synergies and overlapping contacts. We work daily with sensitive individual related data. It is for us of existential importance that we have fast orientation. This means that we from all places shall have immediate access to the corresponding data. The deciding advantage in the co-operation with SkandicInkasso is the flexibility offered to us. The complete content of all cases as well as the entire archive of documents received is offered on-line. This mobility must however be safeguarded. To run a mobile office is only possible when a secure connection between A and B exists. In view of the latest data scandals the stored customer information must be securely administered. The certificate-based Login offered by SkandicInkasso reduces the risk that passwords are improperly used and that consumer data arrive at wrong hands.

Medien & Marketing Gruppe in Frankfurt
– Herr Dr. Eichhorn – Geschäftsführer

Engelbert Strauss GmbH & Co, Biebergemünd
– Herr Ingo Becker-Wirth – Leiter Finanz- und Rechnungswesen

The cooperation with SkandicInkasso is characterized through competent advice, a transparent business model and a flexible matching to our fast moving acivities. We are most satisfied with the exchange of information and the handling of our outstanding receivables. An advanced on-line system provides examination and status requests which are not offered by other debt-collection companies. We highly value our cooperation with SkandicInkasso and are assured that we have the accurate partner on our side.

TrendPro / TVNS Scandinavia AB
– Ulrike Bauchhenss – Telemarketing Manager – Customer services

In SkandicInkasso we have found a modern, transparent company. All documents related to each debt collection case can quickly and easily be downloaded through the online system. In this way, SkandicInkasso convinces by always keeping us up-to-date. All data we need is always present in a compact form and can be used immediately.
The processing of our debt collection cases by SkandicInkasso is direct, fast, and successful. For us, this characterises good collaboration.

Brühlsche Universitätsdruckerei GmbH & Co KG., Gießen
– Herr Thomas Menges – Leitung Finanz- und Rechnungswesen

We have been working together with SkandicInkasso as our debt-collecting partner since 1993 and are most pleased with the cooperation. When we audited SkandicInkasso on their premises in February 2007 the company presented itself to our fullest satisfaction. Their presentation of the internal workflow proved that we have selected the correct debt collection agency. The straightforward handling and the high success rate speak for itself. Over their internet information system SkandicOnline – we receive at any time, detailed information of the status of a case. We have access to any/all correspondence on each debtor file in detail (on demand) and can simply download a PDF file containing all relevant information. This allows us ‘real time’ knowledge of the current situation of a case. Just the right level of telephone and personal contact contribute to making this a successful working relationship.

Hertz Europe Service Centre, Dublin, Ireland
– Herr Paul Reilly – Senior Team Leader

During the past years we have over and over again replaced our debt collection agencies. Since we chose Skandic not only has the success rate increased but we have also reduced work and additional costs. The on-line system offers an outstanding benefit in comparison to what is provided by the many other competitors. We can within a few minutes discontinue a case and request the particular status which is for us an absolute advantage. The numerous evaluation possibilites have proven that the way choosen by Skandic is the correct way. On average we have within a few days the desired success report: the debtor has paid! In spite of all automatism we feel being well taken care of by Skandic. During business hours we reach our friendly contact person mostly direct via his/her extension. An open communication and good service complete the offer.

NX24 GmbH, Stuttgart
– Herr Mark Petzold – Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Since we started using the on-line system of SkandicInkasso, we are always up-to-date with all information about our cases. Moreover, we can download all correspondence by post in PDF-format ourselves.
(Schuhhaus) Ludwig Görtz GmbH, Hamburg
– Herr Manfred Krause – Controlling, Finanzen & Logistik

SkandicInkasso convinces thanks to swift and uncomplicated processing in collecting our debts. The interactive information system SkandicOnline gives us the current status of our cases at any time. We find the integrated archive system particulary useful, since it gives us access to all correspondence received by post. We can respond timely to customer enquiries and in consonance with SkandicInkasso. The handling of documents is made simple and paperless.
Würzburger Versicherungs-AG, Würzburg
– Herr Stefan Zwirlein – Prokurist

The cooperation with SkandicInkasso works exceptionally well; swift handling of our debt collection cases together with good success rates. Transferring new cases is made simple by using an online form or by uploading a file. Cases are processed the same day and order confirmations are sent the day after per e-mail. Collected money is transferred weekly. SkandicOnline offers a wide range of evaluation and control tools, together with statistics and information on current status.
WF Tee Vertrieb GmbH & Co.KG, Teehandelskontor Bremen
– Herr Wolfgang Freitag – Geschäftsführer