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Best solutions for more than 25 years

SkandicInkassos business areas cover all sectors wherein goods or services are delivered or performed. The area competence is extremely wide; SkandicInkasso covers with its services in the debt collection field business sectors from larger companies over the medium sized ones to public companies and local authorities. Since more than 25 years SkandicInkasso supports mail order companies, publishing houses, banks, insurance companies, telephone providers, flight- and travel organisers, car rental firms as well as industry and small trade. Particulary companies receiving a large variety or a large volume of payments receive by SkandicInkasso tailor-made solutions. Together is decided which of the services in the complete system of
Inkasso by Skandic © shall suit the creditor.

SkandicInkasso adapts to you

The integration of data takes place without effort and cost for the client. In the exchange of data SkandicInkasso matches the interface and systems of the client. For smaller quantities of claims SkandicInkasso provides predefined ways of entry in excel form. It is absolutely uncomplicated for the client to get access to the transactions, which are handled by SkandicInkasso: in the electronic act you will have total overview of the present statusof each file. The access is possible at any time and without cost over the Client-Online-System