The amount of unpaid bills in Germany is gigantic. More than 30 per cent of all claims are not being paid within the stipulated maturity date. The total amount of overdue outstanding debts in the year 2013 reached 271 billion Euro*. Rising tendency!

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Inkasso Inland SkandicInkasso

Demands fast and efficient realise

The customer does not pay – this means costs and efforst for the creditor. SkandicInkasso realises demands fast, efficient, transparent and with excellent results.


Know you customer

A good riskmanagement begins already by the firt contact with the customer. The credit worthiness is the abolute must. Nobody likes to experience bad surprises.

Monitoring Skandicinkasso

Act in time

Keep the customer for a long time in view and recognize possible risks in time. The monitoring system offered is an alert-based monitoring.


Having traced the debtor?

If a demand shall be realised, it requires contact with the debtor. This is difficult or even impossible when contact data are missing. Only efficient address enquiry can help.

Telefoninkasso bei SkandicInkasso

The personal conversation takes effect

To find a solution how a demand can be settled: only together with the debtor is this possible. The best way here is the personal conversation over the telephone.

Gerichtlicher Forderungseinzug bei SkandicInkasso

On the way through the legal authorities

If, in spite of all approaches, a debtor refuses to pay, it remains only the way through the institutional proceedings. For the collection procedure and a possible lawsuit it is beneficial to have a strong partner.

Zwangsvollstreckung bei Skandicinkasso

Enforce the interest target-oriented

To obtain an enforcement order is only half the battle. Only consolidated knowledge of the debtor enables the creditor to enforce his interest target-oriented.


Patience brings success

When all efforts to enforce a claim have failed – just do not throw in the towel! A comprehensive long term surveillance can enable the success.

Forderungskauf bei Skandicinkasso

Leave the problem behind

Outstanding payments slow companies down, ties liquidity. SkandicInkasso buys packages of receivables, so that companies can concentrate on their core business.

Inkasso Ausland SkandicInkasso

Debt collection management from one source

When companies are successfully active abroad, they need a strong local partner. SkandicInkasso offers debt collection services from one source for several countries.

Inkasso by Skandic © serves a performance spectrum which offers the client a custom-tailored service activity based on his particular needs. You can minimise your receivables within a very short time. Deferred payments cause companies additional costs. Complete outfalls are a high risk. For the customers financial difficulties or bad payment behaviour are the reasons. Inkasso by Skandic © offers its clients efficient security: safeguard yourself and be prematurely activ.

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SkandicInkasso´s activity scheme shows: Clients may specifically minimise the outfall risk using these acitvities – from the prevention over the risk management until the actual tracking of you claims in both the extrajudicial as well as in the judicial zone and, if necessary, also per compulsary enforcement.

For Inkasso by Skandic © these sectors are integrated parts of SkandicInkasso´s activities. SkandcInkasso´s efforts are present in these countries: Germany, USA, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

*Source: Debitos-Index