Zwangsvollstreckung bei Skandicinkasso

Impose measures for the client – Compulsary execution

For this reason SkandicInkasso will together with the debtor make all efforts to find a functional and for all parties cost effective way of solving the problem. This is in the interest of the creditor when his claim fast and if possible in full shall be realised. Unfortunately, not all approaches to the problem do lead to success. Then the interests of the creditor shall be enforced. If all extrajudicial possibilites are utilised only the compulsory execution remains as final alternative.

What leads to the individual success?

Common garnishment of accounts and wages is here possible, as well as furniture execution, the registry of equitable mortgage and the blocking of other assets like life insurances and properties. Before the enforcement order actually is used SkandicInkasso examines thoroughly the measures which can lead to the individual success. Schufa company information for companies and Schufa Bonitätscheck for private individuals shall be obtained. In addition SkandicInkasso can offer on an outsourcing basis through investigative agencies possible further, until now unknown assets. The outcome of the remaining meaningful measures are discussed with the client before he grants the mandate to initiate the compulsary execution. In this way the process and extent of the compulsary execution is always in control of the client.