Basic: Know everything about your customer

The client receives in each phase of customer lifetime value tailor-made information and service-activities. In the integrated system Inkasso by Skandic © the credit worthiness check presents a further step for the risk control. An elementary move after having received the customers order is to verify the payment ability. Here are not only credit worthiness checks for companies important but also for individuals.

Influencing the quality of the customer relations

For individuals the profile, the actual and previous place of residence and the environment are important for the scoring. A credit worthiness check can effectively scrutinise a company. SkandicInkasso obtains individual and comprehensive credit checks and prepares the researched data analytically. The basics are for instance financial information and company investigation. The clients can, assisted by this credit check, from the very first have active influence on the quality of their customer relations. On the basis of the credit check they are in a position to identify possible financial risks in time and to form their business development in a positive way.

To take a risk – or rather not?

The correct decision between risk and sales volume requires intuition. The evaluation by Inkasso by Skandic © enables the client to make a well-grounded calculation. So can the credit control be kept as accurate as possible. Through technical interfaces SkandicInkasso offers the client direct real time access to the data. Skandic Risk-Management provides an instrument for the identification of potential customers and markets, credit check addresses, company information and financial infomration B2B and B2C as well as the offer of service how to realise unsettled claims.

Uncomplicated exchange of data

Information can be transmitted through Skandics internetsite or via a soap-interface.
Requests are immediately attended to. The reply from Skandic is given in a few seconds.


The request is attended to. The response from Skandic will be delivered from Skandic within a few seconds.
When the Skandics internetsite is used the answer is given direct on the webside. If the soap-interface is used the answer is given in xml-format.

Furthermore there is the alternative to program a simple “YES” or “NO” with the information, in order to facilitate a definite decision.


Company information

Credit worthiness index to forecast german companies outfall risk. Companies – always “up-to-date”.

Price: 20,00 EUR

You will receive a complete overview of the organisation and structure, die history and the financial situation and credit standing of the company.
pdf Download an example

Price: 3,75 EUR

You will receive a score-value (0,0-6,0) together with information about available hard, medium and/or soft negative notes.
pdf Download an example

Price: 11,50 EUR

You will receive a concentrated overview over the compa ny with credit standing data and representation relations as well as a recommendation for a maximum credit limit.
pdf Download an example

Information about individuals

Price: 0,85 EUR

(incl. Address correction)
pdf Download an example

Price: 0,95 EUR

(incl. address corrections and negativ data such as datum for warrant of arrest / datum for statutory declaration)
pdf Download an example


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