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In 30 days to success – Domestic debt collection

Order received, goods or services delivered, bill posted – and nothing more happens. The collection of receivables causes efforts and costs and distracts from the core business. The economically sensible alternative is the professional collection management by SkandicInkasso. Now you can concentrate on what makes your company strong.

SkandicInkasso sets the pace for its client. He notices this already by the day of commissioning the orders. If this takes place before 14 o´clock, the first dunning letter is sent the same day. The recoverability of the demand is immediately checked through a credit check. The order confirmation which follows directly gives the client not only a forecast of the expected success. It refers to measures which can be taken to form the future efficient collection – for instance by combined credit checks.

SkandicInkasso keeps at it! In multi-level actions the debtor will first of all be remembered of his payment obligation by letter, e-mail and SMS. Together with the second reminder on the tenth day, SkandicInkasso shall investigate the possible criminal proceedings and identify additional enforcement alternatives. The intention: after 30 days the client shall have received his payment. For this reason SkandicInkasso shall apply the whole variety of communication ways with the debtor.

As soon as the solicitor’s demand has been sent after the 20th day of the assignation of the order, a direct debtor contact shall be searched for by the telephone collection.

SkandicInkasso´s objective is to make the debtor pay through intensive and direct contacts. Should these actions be unsuccessful, SkandicInkasso shall also initiate legal proceedings and compulsory enforcement. As a matter of course with credit check by Schufa and company information.

Safe and sure

The debt collection management by SkandicInkasso is an extensive collection operation for mature and unsettled demands. Already from the beginning experienced staff are at disposal as individual contact persons and support you in all matters which can arise in the process of collecting an unsettled demand. In addition to this, SkandicInkasso ensures the highest security in the handling of your data by improved IT-certitude and highest data protection standards.This is with SkandicInkasso not only for the Collection National a matter of course but also for the collection in many other countries.


The procedure and every single step in the collection process is for the client always to 100 percent transparent. This is cared by the virtual act, to which the client has full access at all times.


The debt collection procedure in the system Inkasso by Skandic © offers you major efficiency in the process of collecting demands. The practical success speaks for itself: if collection with Inkasso by Skandic © is used, a success rate of 85 percent or more is definitely realistic.