Gerichtlicher Forderungseinzug bei SkandicInkasso

Legal measures / your reliable partner through the authorities

When all extrajudicial efforts to persuade the debtor to pay have failed, legal measures may be initiated after consultation with the client. For this reason, SkandicInkasso has a longstanding cooperation with a law office. The law office initiates legal measures and submits electronically an application for the issue of a court order. If not objected it will be followed by a proposal for an enforcement order. Now a legal judgment can be obtained and enforcement can be executed.

Keep the debtor in sight

n case the debtor objects to the legal measures, lawsuit procedure can be opened in agreement with the client. The cooperating law office is also here at service. The possibility of an execution exists over a period of 30 years. The clients demand vis-à-vis the debtor is unlimited. It is always wise to keep the debtor’s financial situation under observation. His situation can always change. Should the financial status improve later on, further enforcement measures can be initiated. SkandicInkasso can be of assistance in monitoring the debtor with its long term surveillance system.