Langzeitüberwachung bei Skandicinkasso

A debtor cannot pay

This must not be the end of all hopes for the creditor. The financial situation can always improve. Insolvencies can be overcome. For this reason a long term judgment- and debtor-surveillance is meaningful. SkandicInkasso offers this long term observation. Even after months and years it can be possible to find a solution together with the debtor. With the assistance of debtor databases Skandicinkasso regularly checks the debtor’s financial status. For the long term surveillance SkandicInkasso offers a monitoring of negative characteristics and can thereby continously follow stand- and status-changes in insolvency procedures or legal entries, should warrant registrations be made or should statutory declaration be handed in. The surveillance collection system includes also regular contacts with the debtor, for instance by consecutive coordinated letters and individual telephone calls. At suitable moments specific activities like legal enforcements can be initiated. With the extensive data supervision SkandicInkasso ensures the client a long term success.