Monitoring Skandicinkasso

Monitoring of customer accounts with recurring business relationships / long-term monitoring

Is a longtime customer contact a reliable customer contact? Not at all! Life changes constantly and life does not stand still, how is it set with your customers? The economic situation is not always changing to the better, neither for private customers nor corporate customers. So just by the time factor alone, the risk that a customer cannot meet his obligations increases.

As result of a non -payment of a bill the internal costs rise, not to forget the personnel expenses which not always can be measured. This adds on to the total expenses for a company. At the end is even a loss of receivables imminent? The loyal customer has become a risk factor.

To considerably reduce the risk.

With the Monitoring system SkandicInkasso provides a long term surveillance procedure. The client can hereby safeguard the long-lasting trustworthiness of his customer relationship. The client shall on a weekly basis receive information about potential negative remarks – for example if a customer has handed in a statutory declaration. This procedure reduces considerably the risk for bad debt losses – and at the same time it largely reduces the administrative work. Prevention pays off directly.