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Purchase of accounts receivable

Missing payments can be a financial burden for a company. Missing payments can even jeopardise the economical stability of a company. SkandicInkasso can through Purchase of accounts receivable collateralise the liquidity of the company. Clients can efficiently design their claims management and the payment supervision.

Fair conditions

The cession of receivables to SkandicInkasso enables for the creditor to promptly realise receipts and considerably minimise administration. With the cession of receivables the creditor can leave his problems behind and concentrate on his core business. The Purchase of accounts receivable through SkandicInkasso offers the alternative to assign both active as written-off payments as legally enforced judgements from the long term surveillance. SkandicInkasso offers the client fair conditions for the Purchase of accounts receivable. This takes actually place in the claims package. How does the assignment of claims and the Purchase of accounts receivable really works? Contact us