Find relocated customers easy and fast

Nine million persons change their residence yearly in Germany. This means that every sixth person relocates once per year. And every second person who moves is between 20 and 39 years old.*

This development favors the impulse that customers try to obtain benefits by fraud. The efficient address enquiry by SkandicInkasso assists clients to protect themselves. With the help of a technically mature system and an own database SkandicInkasso can fast and reliable find address, telephone number and allegation as to possible insolvency. Based on this information SkandicInkasso will jointly with the client agree upon further measures to be taken.

Address enquiry

Addresses tend today to lose enormously fast their actuality. This can be a problem when debts shall be claimed. Enquiry and information about address and residence of the debtor shall be necessary. Companies can easily obtain addresses and personal information by the registration office and addresses by the trade office. SkandicInkasso however can handle the address enquiry more efficient, for its clients faster and in most cases also more favorable.

Telephone number enquiry

In case a client has no telephone-contact data available, SkandicInkasso can undertake the enquiry. A dunning per SMS or a call by telephone collection will considerably facilitate the contact with the debtor.

Insolvency monitoring

SkandicInkasso holds a summary over the actual status of insolvencies and similar facts in its own database. This allows the client fast and efficient decisions. Therefore the databases are continously reviewed and kept at the very latest status. The outcome is a current monitoring of all insolvencies.

*Source: © Umzug AG,