Betrugsprävention bei Skandicinkasso

Risk management minimises payment outfalls

Money is tight, a purchase exceeds the financial potential, e company files for bankruptcy: The reasons for payment outfall are broadly diversified.
Fraud attempts are on the agenda. Only a good risk management process can help.

Actions, before it is too late

A risk analysis can assist to identify the customers intentions in time. In mail order business, particularly in online trading, the outfallrate is imminent. Here are the transactions anonymously carried out. The defrauder tries to hide in the worldwide data network. The inhibitions to make an order even if there is no intention to pay the bill, are low. The high rate of growth in online trading adds up to a considerable danger for payment outfalls. Such problems can rapidly threaten a companys existence. A founded risk evaluation and an extensive risk management are therfore most important.

The risk management from Inkasso by Skandic © protects the client effectively from payment outfalls and provide important indications to methods of risk evaluation. In its integral system SkandicInkasso offers methods for the risk validation which can be tailored for the needs of the individual client.

The checklist – Identification of attemts to defraud

  • New customer, customer for the first time, not registered customers
  • Regular credit check of the customer accounts
  • Regular check of the customers IP-addres
  • Dubious delivery addresses and risk delivery addresses
  • Rush order and rush deliveries, disregarding forwarding charges
  • Missing customer data, especially missing telephone number
  • Diiferent billing- and delivery addresses
  • Several orders with the same billing address, but with different delivery addresses
  • Several order with the same billing address but different credit cards
  • Multiple use of the same credit card within a short period of time
  • Many user acccounts with very similar naming convention
  • Extreme write errors
  • Dubious order: discrepancies within the order data, plausibility gaps
  • Use of expired credit cards
  • Underaged buyer