Payment ability in Germany 2010-2014

Germans pay more reliably again

The German payment moral increases considerably. The rate of payment-willing persons has gone up by almost one-tenth in 2013 compared with 2012, which was the low mark of the past years.

This is shown in the payment-barometer by SkandicInkasso, a long term analysis of  approximately 100.000 data records from the claims-management specialist.


Display of the individual  federal states

A comparison against the total payment behavior in Germany by state is available by clicking on the respective federal state.

These are the positive results of the economic improvement in the country, says Sven Peter Helldén from SkandicInkasso. The Germans´ payment capability had, after the beginning of the economic downslide, markedly decreased. In 2012 8,2 per cent fewer invoices were settled than in 2010. Since then it is upwards again: in 2014 1,4 percent more people and smaller companies paid their invoices compared to 2010.

The payment ability in the individual federal states has developed very unequally.

A positive overall economic performance always improves the consumer’s situation, which reflects in the improving payment ability, says Helldén. This is not a question of moral: „The moral, whether someone wants to pay an invoice or not, does not change“, comments the collection expert, „but the ability to do so, does“.

The understanding of such changes can be used by companies to protect themselves from payment losses. „To avoid a payment loss, nothing is more efficient than to see that it does not occur“, recommends the expert from SkandicInkasso. Thereby it is important to keep an overview of the customer’s financial situation. If a client cannot pay, it is often worth it to arrange for a long term solution.

In the integrated system Inkasso by Skandic, clients can beforehand monitor the payment ability of their customers and keep a long term view of their status.

With more than 15.000 daily changes in the data sets, companies profit from SkandicInkasso`s leading and profound knowledge of the customers` and debtors` financial situation.

„Thereby we offer security and all-around know how in claims management with highest seriousness“, states Sven Peter Helldén.