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22 Jul Hessischer Unternehmenstag 26.10.2010 – Hessen Champions 2010

The most successful, the best and the most innovative Hessian companies presented themselves on the 26th of October 2010 in Wiesbaden. The winners were announced on Tuesday in connection with the presentation. The designated companies derive from different economic and industrial sectors and produce the most various articles, from summer toboggan runs via sewerage biogas to the perfect advertise announcing, i.e. almost everything needed by the individual or the industry. The awards were assigned in three categories: global market leader, job creator, new products. The tenor of the activity was: the economic crisis seem to be over, the growth shall this year with 3,5 per cent exceed all expectations, the export booms so strongly as it has not in the last decade. The number of unemployed falls continuously. Also the Hessian companies take an important proportion hereof.